Dr+Vet by Bothmen Pharma at ESVO Rome 2023 event

Dr+Vet will attend the ophthalmology specialty congress

We are pleased to announce that Dr+Vet by Böthmen Pharma will be participating in the ESVO (European Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology) event scheduled in Rome from September 28th to October 1st, 2023. This event gathers experts in veterinary ophthalmology from around the globe to exchange knowledge and advancements in the field.
During these days, we will be amidst leaders in veterinary ophthalmology and will have the opportunity to showcase our range of ophthalmological products. Our products are designed to address various ophthalmic conditions such as glaucoma, dry eye, retinal degenerations, blepharitis, and cataracts. At Dr+Vet, we are dedicated to constant improvement and innovation in this specialized area, providing nutritional supplements to aid in the management of these conditions in a multimodal and owner-friendly manner.
In addition to highlighting our ophthalmology line, we will also provide information about our complete product range, including products from our metabolic line (Glyco, Flavum) and digestive (Colitum, Digestum) line.
We invite all interested parties to visit our booth and learn more about our product range and Dr+Vet.
We look forward to meeting you at the event!

Dr+Vet attends Iberzoo+Propet2023

Iberzoo+Propet2023, the international trade fair for pet professionals, was held in Madrid from March 15 to 17

This year Iberzoo+Propet has been as interesting as expected, showing the great variety of products and services dedicated to the welfare of pets.

From Dr+Vet we have taken the opportunity to announce the official launch of our new products of the digestive and metabolic lines:

· Digestum for nutritional support and improvement of symptomatology in patients with chronic gastroenteritis.

· Colitum for nutritional support and improvement of symptomatology in patients with chronic large bowel diarrhea.

· Flavum for nutritional support and improvement of symptomatology in patients with liver damage.

· Glyco for nutritional support and aid in glucose regulation (diabetes mellitus).

The 4 new products, as well as Lacrimalis+, will be available to veterinary professionals next April.

In addition, we have also carried out a raffle of a lot of all Dr+Vet products, of which the winner will be announced in April, coinciding with the launch of the new products. The announcement will be made through our social media and email.

Thanks to all of you who came to our stand at IberzooPropet! To have been able to share these days with you and receive your good feelings reinforces our tireless commitment to the welfare of companion animals.