Training day by Paco Simó in the act of Dr. Vet and Centauro.

Training day by Paco Simó in the act of Dr. Vet and Centauro

On January 30, a training day was held at the Veterinari Glòries Hospital in Barcelona, led by Paco Simó, aimed at general veterinarians and eye health specialists.

The day began with the presentation of the brand and its line of products by Ignasi Solana and Miguel Cuadrado respectively. The act, promoted by Centauro, had a large attendance of professionals from centers in Catalonia and the participation of the renowned specialist Paco Simó of the IVO - Veterinary Ophthalmological Institute of Barcelona, who showed the assistants various clinical cases related to the eye health of patients .

Frequent clinical cases in veterinary ophthalmology - IVO Instituto Veterinario Oftalmológico

The Paco Simó Ophthalmological Veterinary Institute collaborates with Böthmen Pharma

The Ophthalmological Veterinary Institute of Barcelona (IVO), directed by Paco Simó, is an international center of reference entirely dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ocular afflictions in companion animals.

Paco Simó has collaborated in the supervision of the product formulas offered in the ophthalmological line developed by Böthmen Pharma under the brand name Dr.Vet.

Since 1990, his work has been focused on the microsurgery of the anterior segment of the eye, as the first veterinarian in Catalonia to perform a cataract surgery by phacoemulsification and also the first to insert an intraocular lens in a dog.

Currently, the IVO is the only center in Spain that has the technology and experience required to perform retinal detachment surgeries in cats and dogs.

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