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Our mission is to help in the prevention of pathologies that affect the health of animals.

Böthmen Pharma laboratories design, manufacture and market, under the Dr+Vet brand, food supplements for the veterinary sector.

Our products are made from two basic premises: quality and safety of all its components.

Our mission is to help in the prevention of pathologies that affect the health of animals. For this purpose, we offer innovative products, with ingredients of proven efficacy that respond to the needs generated by each pathology.

Dr+Vet’s technical research and development team has been working for the last few years on the creation of products for dogs and cats, based on market analysis, scientific background and the input of veterinary advisors.

We collaborate with veterinary specialist

At Dr+Vet we have the collaboration of prestigious professionals and clinical specialists, who accompany us in the design of the product and in the testing processes to guarantee its efficacy before being implanted in the market.

Likewise, in order to maintain direct contact with the pathologies suffered by our patients, we collaborate with some of the most renowned entities and health centers in the sector. Having this type of collaboration allows us to know the needs of veterinarians and adapt to them, improving existing products and/or designing new ones.

The resulting information, based on our own methodology, allows us to keep all our quality and innovation processes active.


High quality products, proven effectiveness and zero toxicity

All Böthmen Pharma products share high quality ingredients, effective components and no toxicity to animals.

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Under scientific basis, the components and dosage have been designed for the pet to benefit from the therapeutic properties of the product. There are no side effects in long-term treatments.

The creation of differentiating lines and the exclusion of chemical synthesis components (potentially toxic in the long term) are an added value factor that contribute more solidly and effectively to the health of the animal.

Among our products, the range of ophthalmology products is particularly noteworthy. Böthmen Pharma has developed what is probably the most complete line of ophthalmology products for the pet sector. They improve ocular health and support the normal function of the ocular structures by providing beneficial nutrients to their structures.

Dr+Vet ‘s policy of selling only to veterinary clinics means that its products are always recommended by a veterinary professional who knows and understands the properties and benefits that their use will bring to pets.

White Label Services for third parties

We are aware that in the pet care sector there is a growing demand for animal supplementation. Many companies, which are already in the sector and have an important client portfolio, detect the need to expand this type of service. Starting from scratch is never easy, it takes too much time and requires an investment. That is why at Dr+Vet by Böthmen Pharma we choose to offer the white label service:

  • Flexibility in product development
  • Manufacture
  • Marketing under private label

To fulfill our mission as a company is also to help other companies to achieve their goals and provide the services they need. If you like what we offer, please contact us. We will adapt to your way of working without any problem.

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