Our mission is to help prevent conditions in animals that impact their health

Böthmen Pharma designs, manufactures and markets food supplements aimed at the veterinary sector under the brand name Dr+Vet.

Our products are manufactured according to two basic principles ‒ the quality and safety of all ingredients ‒ to ensure that all products are effective and non-toxic.

Our mission is to help prevent conditions that impact animal health, offering innovative products with high-quality ingredients and proven effectiveness that meet the needs arising due to each condition.

The technical research and development team at Böthmen Pharma has worked for years on developing products for dogs and cats, based on market analysis, scientific knowledge and recommendations from veterinary advisors at our company.

We collaborate with veterinary specialists

At Böthmen Pharma we work with prominent professionals and specialist teams in each area who are unquestionable leaders in their speciality. These teams assist us with product design and testing procedures to ensure product effectiveness before market launch.

To maintain close contact with our patients and their conditions, we collaborate with some of the most well-known health institutions and veterinary facilities in the industry. These types of collaborations help us understand the needs of veterinary professionals to improve existing products and/or to create new ones, always avoiding harmful ingredients.

We then use this information along with our own methodology to actively maintain all our quality and innovation processes.


High-quality products of proven effectiveness and no toxicity

All Böthmen Pharma products are developed under the standards of high-quality ingredients, effective components, and no toxicity in animals.

All ingredients and dosages have been scientifically chosen to ensure that the pet benefits from the product’s therapeutic properties. There are no side effects in long-term treatments.

The use of unique components such as lactoferrin in most of our product lines and the exclusion of chemically synthesised components (potentially toxic over the long term) are factors that fully and effectively contribute to the health of the animal.

Our products include a range of ophthalmology products developed by Böthmen Pharma to provide a complete ophthalmological line for pets. These products improve eye health and help prevent retinal conditions such as glaucoma, blepharitis, cataracts and dry eye syndrome, alleviating the symptoms.

White-label services for third parties

We know that the pet care market increasingly seeks supplements for animals. Many existing companies with a large client portfolio would like to expand and offer this service to their customers. Starting from scratch is not easy: it takes time and requires investments. Consequently, Böthmen Pharma offers white-label services:

  • Product development flexibility
  • Manufacturing
  • Product marketing under white label
Helping other companies to achieve their goals and offer the services they need is part of our mission. If you are interested in what we offer, please feel free to contact us. We can easily adapt to how you work.