Our mission is to prevent and palliate pathologies in animals

Böthmen Pharma laboratories design, manufacture and commercialize dietary supplements targeted to the veterinary sector under the brand name Dr.Vet.

Our products are manufactured according to two basic principles: the quality and safety of all components, in order to achieve effectiveness with absolutely no toxicity to animals.

Our mission is to help prevent and palliate, to the greatest extent possible, pathologies that impact the health of animals by offering innovative products, with ingredients of high quality and demonstrated effectiveness which respond to the needs that each pathology creates.

The technical research and development team at Böthmen Pharma has been working for years, with a clearly innovative vocation, with the view to create products directed primarily at dogs and cats based on market comparison and analysis, the scientific knowledge and the contributions of veterinary assessors from our own laboratory.

The Team

The Team
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We collaborate with specialist veterinarians

At Böthmen Pharma we work with prestigious professionals and specialist teams in each area, who are unquestionable references in their specialties and who assist in product design and the testing processes which guarantee the effectiveness of each and every product before its market launch.

In addition, we collaborate with some of the most recognised health entities and health centres in the industry in order to maintain direct contact with the ailments and pathologies affecting our patients. Through the information provided by veterinary professionals in their daily work, we are enabled not only to know first-hand what products could be most beneficial to animals but also to enhance their design by excluding ingredients that could be detrimental to their health and wellbeing.

The resulting information, in each case, allows us to actively maintain our quality and innovation processes using a proprietary methodology.


High quality effective products with absolutely no toxicity

All Böthmen Pharma products share the standards of high quality ingredients, effective components and absolutely no toxicity in animals.

Both the components and their dosages are scientifically designed so that the pet benefits from the therapeutic properties of the product and with none of them producing any side effects in long term treatments.

The introduction of unique components like lactoferrin in the majority of our product lines and the exclusion of chemically synthesised components which could be potentially toxic over a long term, are factors of added value that contribute more solidly and effectively to the health of the animal being treated.

Amongst our products, the ophthalmological product range is especially outstanding. Böthmen Pharma has developed what is probably the most complete line of ophthalmological products directed at the pet sector. Our products help to prevent the onset, attenuate the symptoms and halt the progression of retinopathies and ophthalmic pathologies such as glaucoma, eyelid inflammation (blepharitis), cataracts and dry eye syndrome.

Business services

At the Böthmen Pharma laboratories, we work with a highly qualified technical team, with extensive experience in the main fields of the sector.

In our facilities, we can develop and create specific formulas for generating new products. We also offer consulting on legal issues, regulations and technical guidelines regarding good manufacturing processes and the subsequent commercialisation in the market.

We specialise in:

  • Regulatory affairs.
  • Formulation and product design.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Consulting on the pet care sector.

The entire process is completed with direct and personalised service, which enables us to offer immediate solutions for the needs of any business aiming to enter the dietary supplement market of our country.

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