Our mission is to help on the prevention of pathologies in animals that impact the health of animals

Böthmen Pharma laboratories design, manufacture and commercialize food supplements targeted to the veterinary sector under the brand name Dr. Vet.

Our products to achieve effectiveness with no toxicity for the animals are manufactured according to two basic principles: the quality and safety of all components.

Our mission is to help on the prevention of pathologies that impact the health of animals. Our way to make it happen is by offering innovative products, with high quality ingredients and a proven effectiveness designed to fill up each pathology needs.

The technical research and development team at Böthmen Pharma has worked for years on the products development for pets (dogs & cats) based on market analysis, the scientific knowledge, and the contributions of veterinary assessors from our own laboratory.

We collaborate with specialist veterinarians

At Böthmen Pharma we work with prestigious professionals and different area specialist teams with unquestionable references in their field. They come along with us in the product design and the testing processes to assure their effectiveness before being launched into the market.

In addition, to maintain a straight contact with our patient’s pathologies, we collaborate with some of the most recognised health entities and health centres in the industry. These types of collaborations, according to the veterinarian needs, allow us to improve the products we already have and to create new ones avoiding harmful components.

The resulting information, under the use of our own methodology, allows us to actively maintain our quality and innovation processes.


High quality products with a proven effectivity and no toxicity

All the Böthmen Pharma products share the standards of high-quality ingredients, effective components, and no toxicity in animals.

Under scientific bases, the components and the dosages have been designed so the pet benefits from the product’s therapeutic properties. There are not side effects in long term treatments.

The introduction of unique components like lactoferrin, in most of our product lines, and the exclusion of chemically synthesised components (potentially toxic over a long term), are factors that contribute solidly and effectively to the health of the animal.

Amongst our products, the ophthalmological line is especially outstanding. Böthmen Pharma has developed what is probably the most complete ophthalmological line for pets. The products of this line improve the eye health slowing down the retinopathy’s progression such as glaucoma; blepharitis; cataracts; and the Dry Eye Syndrome.

White Label services for third parties

We are aware of the pet care market need increase on the animal food supplementation. Lot of companies, that already are in this market and do owe a wide client portfolio, have identified the need to get expanded and offer this service to their clients. Starting from scratch is not easy, it takes long time, and an investment is requested. That is why, in Böthmen Pharma we choose to offer the White Label service:

  • Product development flexibility
  • Manufacturing
  • Product market under white label
Helping other companies to achieve their goals and offer the services they need it is fulfilling to complete our mission. If you are interested in what we offer, contact us. We will adapt to the way you work.