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From Dr+Vet by Bothmen Pharma we want to announce that Flavum in tablet format is again available in the market and ready to take care of the liver health of pets. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you what Flavum is and its main uses and characteristics.

Flavum is a premium liver protector for dogs and cats, specially designed to support liver function and promote the overall health of our patients. With a unique blend of cholagogue and choleretic compounds, Flavum helps promote healthy bile flow, in addition to protecting liver cells.

Flavum contains a potent combination of natural ingredients, including L-methionine, betaine and choline, which support the internal synthesis of SAMe, providing effective hepatoprotective action. In addition, we incorporate several natural foods that promote hepatic well-being.

Why choose Flavum?

Essential Support: Flavum provides hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, cholagogue, choleretic and appetite-stimulating action, which helps maintain the health and well-being of your pet’s liver and bile ducts.
Natural Ingredients: Our formula is based on a careful selection of ingredients that have proven benefits for liver function.
Pleasant Taste: We know how important it is for supplements to be well accepted by pets. Flavum has a delicious taste that makes it easy to administer, even to difficult cats.

Flavum currently has two presentations:

Flavum Liquid Palatable: Ideal for cats and small breeds, our liquid formula of Flavum has been elaborated for easier, precise dosing and better acceptance. It is administered 1ml of product for every 5kg of weight.
Flavum Chewable Tablets: With our larger friends in mind, we have developed the tablet presentation. With one tablet per 10 kg of weight, we offer an adapted and precise solution for the biggest furry friends.

Where to buy Flavum?

Currently, Dr+Vet products are only sold through veterinary channels through official distributors. If you have any doubts about which distributors have our products you can send us an email to

If you are concerned about the liver health of your patient or pet, Flavum is the solution.


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