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We can now announce the new presentation of Retinae!

Retinae, our innovative nutraceutical product designed to be used as an adjuvant in the treatment of retinopathies, now comes in a new presentation: RetinaeXL!

What is RetinaeXL?

We have listened to the comments of many veterinarians, who told us that the usual presentation “was too small” for dogs of 30 or 40kg. So we set to work to formulate and create RetinaeXL. Its formula with twice the concentration of Retinae is specially designed for large and giant breed dogs.

How does RetinaeXL work?

Like standard Retinae, RetinaeXL is formulated with a combination of carotenoids, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and lactoferrin, all of which are known to have beneficial effects on eye health. However, RetinaeXL’s improved formula allows for more convenient and economical dosing for larger dogs.

The dosage of RetinaeXL is specifically adapted to larger dogs. It is recommended to administer one tablet of RetinaeXL per 20 kg body weight of the dog. This improved dosing facilitates handling and ensures accurate administration of the product, resulting in greater convenience and efficacy for caregivers and their pets.

The benefits of RetinaeXL:

Convenient and economical dosing: Dosing tailored to larger dogs makes handling easier and reduces costs associated with treatment, providing a more economical and efficient option for caregivers.
Same quality and safety: RetinaeXL maintains the high quality and safety standards that have made Retinae a trusted choice for pet eye care.

Where to get RetinaeXL?

RetinaeXL will be available from June at different distributors and veterinary clinics.

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