1- What is Glyco?
Complementary food that helps in the weight control.

2- Instructions for use
Administer orally, with food using the measuring spoon as follows:

  • Pets 0-5Kg: 1ml every 12 hours.
  • Pets 6-10Kg: 2ml every 12 hours.
  • Pets 11-20Kg: 3.5ml every 12 hours.
  • Pets 21-30Kg: 5ml every 12 hours.
  • Pets 31-40Kg: 9ml every 12 hours.
  • Pets >40Kg: 12ml every 12 hours.

3- Conservation
Store in a dry, cool place, protected from light.

4- Additional information
PRESENTATION: 100ml of palatable liquid.

COMPOSITION: Extract of Trigonella foenum-graecum L. (Fenugreek or Fenugreek), Concentrate of Camellia sinensis (Green tea), Tincture of Momordica charantia (Bitter melon), Parts of Ocimum tenuiflorum (Ocimum sanctum) (Purple basil), L-Carnitine , Vitamin K, Vitamin D3.

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