Dr+Vet sponsors the Iberzoo-Propet AMVAC 2024 congress

4 de March de 2024 by Dr+Vet0

This event brings together thousands of professionals from the sector each year.

For the second consecutive year, Dr+Vet sponsors the Iberzoo-Propet AMVAC 2024 congress, the largest event on products and services related to pets, which will take place in Madrid from March 13 to 15.

During these days we will have the opportunity to connect with professionals from across the veterinary sector and share our latest innovations in veterinary nutraceuticals.

During this congress we will present a novelty in our ophthalmological range: RetinaeXL. The Retinae product has been part of the Dr+Vet catalog since its inception and now receives a new presentation adapted to larger breeds that suffer from hereditary idiopathic retinal degeneration.

Retinae XL: retina protection for XL dogs

The novelty of this congress is RetinaeXL. This product maintains the same formulation as Retinae but adapts its quantities to larger breeds, its recommended mode of use being 1 tablet per day for every 20kg (unlike Retinae which corresponds to 1 tablet per day for every 10kg).

Both Retinae and RetinaeXL provide nutrients to the retina, especially interesting in those breeds predisposed to retinopathies. Its main ingredients are Tagetes erecta (source of lutein and zeaxanthin) and omega 3 fatty acids that provide anti-inflammatory and antiangiogenic properties. These products also provide pets with Vitamins (C, E, B [B6, B9, B12]), Lactoferrin, Zinc and Copper.

Other product lines

In addition to our ophthalmological line, we will also be providing detailed information about our digestive and metabolic ranges, with the products Glyco, Flavum, Digestum and Colitum.

Iberzoo-Propet  serves as a platform to interact with professional colleagues and showcase our commitment to innovative veterinary care. Our team will be available to provide detailed information and answer any questions you may have about our products.

Stay tuned for updates and follow us on social media for more details as the event approaches. See you there!

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