Dr+Vet sponsors the congress of veterinary ophthalmologists ECVO 2024

22 de May de 2024 by Dr+Vet0

Veterinary ophthalmology is a complex and constantly evolving field, where research, innovation and collaboration are key to advancing pet eye care.

As passionate as we are about animal welfare and eye health, we are proud to announce our participation as sponsors of the 2024 European Congress of the European Association of Veterinary Ophthalmology (ECVO). This annual event is the epicenter of veterinary ophthalmology in Europe, bringing together the best specialists, researchers and practitioners in the field to share knowledge, present scientific advances and make meaningful connections.

Each year, ECVO hosts its annual congress in a major European city, providing a unique platform for the exchange of ideas, discussion of clinical cases and continuous learning. Over four intense days, the congress covers a wide range of topics related to veterinary ophthalmology, from the presentation of pioneering research to the discussion of innovative surgical techniques.

The 2024 program

The 2024 European Association of Veterinary Ophthalmology (ECVO) Congress promises to be exceptional, with a special focus on exotic animal ophthalmology. Under the theme “Ophthalmology of Exotic Animals,” the continuing education program and master class will explore the anatomical and physiological peculiarities of the eyes of reptiles, birds, rabbits and other exotic animals. Experts from Europe and the United States will share their knowledge on ophthalmological examination, husbandry and handling techniques of these animals. In addition, clinical cases, scientific research and advances in the field will be presented, providing a unique opportunity to learn from leaders in veterinary ophthalmology.

Our Participation in ECVO 2024

As leaders in the field of ophthalmic nutraceuticals, we at Dr+Vet are committed to the advancement of veterinary ophthalmology and the ocular care of our pets. During the congress, we will have the opportunity to present our latest advances in ophthalmological products, share our expertise and establish connections with other professionals in the industry. It is also a good opportunity to get a closer look at our products and we will be happy to introduce you to our range and discuss how they can benefit your patients!

See you at ECVO 2024!

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