Dr+Vet by Böthmen Pharma sponsors the 2022 XI SEOVET Congress

This year, SEOVET, the association formed by Spanish ophthalmologists with the aim of sharing and expanding knowledge about veterinary ophthalmology, has met for its XI National Congress and Dr+Vet Pet Care by Böthmen Pharma has been one of its sponsors.

COVID-19 has forced the change from the face-to-face modality to the online one, but that has not influenced absolutely anything during the congress and great professionals of veterinary ophthalmology have participated again in the event, as are the case of Dr. Elena Fenollosa (Ophthalmology Service of the Veterinary Hospital of the Universidad Católica de Valencia), Dr. Alejandro Bayón (Ophthalmology Service of the Veterinary Hospital of the Universidad de Murcia) or Dr. María Simó (Instituto Veterinario Oftalmológico, IVO), presenting 3 cases of pigmentary keratitis in dogs treated with diode laser as a complementary treatment, among many other specialists.

From Böthmen Pharma we have made our online stand available to all participants, with the option of downloading an interactive pdf of the catalog of our ophthalmological products. In addition, from our stand it has been possible to participate in the “Quiniela Científica” 2022!

All the recordings of the XI SEOVET Congress will be available to attendees for 6 months from the start of the congress, so you still have time to access all the presentations. The round tables will be available live on March 16 and 28 at 20:00h, so, stay tuned!