Training day by Paco Simó in the act of Dr. Vet and Centauro.

Training day by Paco Simó in the act of Dr. Vet and Centauro

On January 30, a training day was held at the Veterinari Glòries Hospital in Barcelona, led by Paco Simó, aimed at general veterinarians and eye health specialists.

The day began with the presentation of the brand and its line of products by Ignasi Solana and Miguel Cuadrado respectively. The act, promoted by Centauro, had a large attendance of professionals from centers in Catalonia and the participation of the renowned specialist Paco Simó of the IVO - Veterinary Ophthalmological Institute of Barcelona, who showed the assistants various clinical cases related to the eye health of patients .

Frequent clinical cases in veterinary ophthalmology - IVO Instituto Veterinario Oftalmológico

Distribution deal between Dr.Vet and Centauro.

Distribution deal between Dr.Vet and Centauro.

Distribution deal between Dr.Vet and Centauro.

Böthmen Pharma and the distributor Centauro have signed an agreement to market Dr.Vet's family of natural nutraceutical products in Spain.

The Dr.Vet products, which were presented with great acceptance at the AVEPA SEVC Veterinary Congress last November, are designed based on a rigorous R&D process, and are indicated to alleviate and prevent related pathologies. to animal health, especially of dogs and cats.

The brand, born in Barcelona, ​​has several lines, among which the innovative ophthalmology line stands out, indicated for glaucoma, cataracts, retina and dry eye, and which has had the collaboration and supervision of the Veterinary Ophthalmological Institute of Barcelona- IVO.

It also has osteo-articular, psycho-revitalizing, dietary, liver and kidney products in its catalog,

Centauro, has more than 25 years of activity in Spain, and its activity is focused around the pet animals sector, providing a very different added value within the sector.

Centauro has a market penetration share of 40% in the area where it operates. In addition to Catalonia as the main area of ​​influence, the company is also present in the rest of the national territory.

The agreement for the distribution of Dr.Vet brand products in Spain was signed at the Centauro facilities and was attended by Gemma Vivet and Francesc Giné de Centauro and Ignasi Solana and Miguel Cuadrado from the Böthmen Pharma laboratories, manufacturer of Dr.Vet brand products.

During this year, the launch and presentation to veterinary professionals of the brand's new products is planned, coinciding with the celebration of the SEOVEP Veterinary Ophthalmology Congress, as well as the International Fair Iberzoo + Propet and VetMadrid.