Dr+Vet by Böthmen Pharma donates more than 1.000 units of product to the Trifolium Foundation

The 4th of November, Böthmen Pharma visited the Trifolium Foundation with the aim of sharing more than 1.000 units with them.

The Trifolium Foundation manages Canópolis, an animal shelter in the Garraf Natural Park. In this institution the animals live in semi-freedom, they are fed with natural based diets, and they are treated with conventional medicine combined with natural therapies.

We are happy to be part of their philosophy with some of our natural products, protecting their pet’s eyes, joints and liver with: Retinae, Helps slowing down the degeneration retinal pathologies; Occulus, that contributes slowing down the cataract progression; Glauco, that contributes in the Optic Nerve normal functioning in cases of glaucoma; Nervum, that contributes to the natural control of the inflammation and pain; and Flavum, which has hepatoprotector properties.