Take care of your pet

Natural food supplements

Our products are designed to help prevent and mitigate the symptoms of pathologies that compromise the health and quality of life of animals. Dr. Vet dietary supplements are targeted at the veterinary industry and manufactured according to three basic principles:

  • High quality ingredients

  • Effective and safe components

  • No toxicity

NEW ophthalmological line

Dr. Vet has produced, what probably could be, the most complete and innovative veterinarian ophthalmological line. The products are specifically developed for the pet’s (dogs & cats) ocular health.

  • Compatible and addictive with other treatments
  • Innovative products with proven efficacy
  • Without side-effects

Böthmen Pharma Laboratories

At Böthmen Pharma, we work with a qualified technical team with experience in the veterinary health-oriented pharmaceutical sector.

Specific formulas. In our facilities, we can develop and create specific formulas to generate new products.

Straight and personalized service which enables us to offer immediate solutions for the needs of any business aiming to enter the food supplement market.

Business services. Flexibility for products development and white label manufacturing.